Market overview

Turkmenistan is a major player in the Asian gas market.  The country's hydrocarbon resources are estimated at over 71 billion...

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TGC 2019 Speakers


Our speakers are leaders in the gas industry of Turkmenistan and experts of international concerns.

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Annual Turkmenistan Gas Congress (TGC) 2019

The 10th Turkmenistan Gas Congress — a leading platform for discussing issues around the gas industry in the region. The organizer is State Concern «Turkmengas» in partnership with the «Turkmen Forum» Company.

The main objectives of TGC 2019

  1. The development and strengthening of international partnerships with Turkmenistan in the oil and gas business.
  2. A comprehensive expert assessment of the investment potential of Turkmenistan’s gas industry and an exchange of experience with those companies already involved.
  3. A presentation by the Turkmen government of new investment projects in the gas/chemical sector and with improved terms to enhance competitiveness.
  4. A discussion of progress and key developments on the TAPI gas pipeline project.

Participants of the TGC

Senior management and representatives of international organizations and institutions, plus leading international oil and gas companies are currently planning to attend including: Hyundai Engineering, Kawasaki, Shell, Petronas, Gaffney, Cline and Associates, NAPECO, Vitol, CNPC, Dragon Oil, ENI, Buried Hill and many others. This gathering of senior management from the oil and gas industry, research institutions and government officials will provide an excellent background for debating both global and regional issues in the gas industry.

The TGC 2019 Agenda

As detailed in the programme, the first day of the Congress will include panel sessions and presentations on current investment projects, plus an exchange of expertise in the gas and petrochemical sectors. On the second day, there will be presentations by experts and panel discussions on current gas and petrochemical projects. A signing ceremony will also take place for recently agreed contracts and memoranda.

Main Topics on the Agenda will include:

  1. «Gas – the fuel of the Future?»
  2. «TAPI – pipeline of peace and stability»
  3. «Pipeline projects - key elements of energy security and sustainability»
  4. «Gas monetization, a route to diversification and growth»
  5. «Cooperation under Production Sharing Agreements»

During this major gas and petrochemical congress, representatives of foreign companies will have the opportunity to meet with senior management from Turkmenistan’s national oil and gas companies and to discuss both topical issues and opportunities for cooperation and investment.

More information on the TGC 2019 program can be found in the Event Programme section.

For registration and additional information, please contact the Turkmen Forum team.


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