Mass Media

The National tourist zone of Turkmenistan – Avaza - will host the tenth Gas Congress of Turkmenistan - TGC 2019 on May 21 – 22, 2019. Traditionally some 400 delegates from more than 30 countries will take part in the jubilee forum.

This prestigious international forum will also have unprecedented mass media support from many of the world’s leading magazines and journals.  These publications are particularly represented by the newspapers “Turkmenistan” and “Neitralniy Turkmenistan”, the magazines “Lachyn”, “Ata Vatan Turkmenistan”, “Turkmenistan”, and the journals “Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan”,Business Central Asia(India), SPE (USA) and API (USA).

An extensive marketing campaign will continue on the Internet.  Such informational portals as TDH (, «Turkmenistan – Golden Age» (, «Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan», Orient (, (,, (Azerbaijan), and Russia Today will provide coverage on all events of the jubilee 10th Gas Congress of Turkmenistan.

Direct broadcasting from the forum will be transmitted by the following companies: ABU – Asian Broadcasting Union, Habar – Kazakh media company, Lagardere (France ), CCTV+ (China), Korean KBS, TRT (Turkey), NHK (Japan), Russia Today (Russia), TVR – National Broadcasting Company of Uzbekistan, and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The above coverage demonstrates that TGC 2019 will be very widely reported internationally and covered in detail by the world mass media.


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