Venue Information

Berkarar Hotel

Hotel "Berkarar" is designed to host 378 guests at a time and offers a full range of services.  Located 50 meters from the beach, the complex has comprehensive leisure amenities including summer and winter pools, plus water parks with bar counters, restaurants, spa services and gyms.  There are also well equipped conference rooms for all your business needs.  The restaurant with an excellent sea view, located on the 13th floor is a highlight of the hotel.

Yelken Yacht Club

The Yelken Yacht Club in Avaza is a famous holiday destination.  It is a multifunctional complex of villas, cottages and other facilities.  The complex comprises 44 two-storey villas of various types plus 13 cottages with 4-5 rooms.  In general, around 400 people can stay here at a time with high‑quality service available for 24 hours.  In addition it offers Wi-Fi Internet and a free of charge medical center.


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