ARETI – Silver Sponsor of the X Gas Congress of Turkmenistan

ARETI International Group is one of the foreign partners of Turkmenistan developing deposits on the Caspian coast and a silver sponsor of the X Gas Congress, started on May 21.

ARETI International Group has offices and affiliated companies located in Switzerland (Geneva), Russia (Moscow), Cyprus (Limassol), Belarus (Minsk), Turkmenistan (Ashgabat), Canada (Calgary), the United States (Jacksonville). Currently, ARETI is active in expanding its presence in the Middle East, one of the largest developing markets in the world.

In Turkmenistan, the Russian company ARETI, the head of which is Igor Makarov, works on the basis of the Production Sharing Agreement. The company works as operator on the Block 21 of Turkmen sector of Caspian Sea and develops two structures: South and West Erdekli.

At a recent meeting with President Berdimuhamedov, Igor Makarov expressed the company’s intention to continue the partnership with Turkmenistan in fuel and energy sector. During the talks, the opportunity of the Russian company’s participation in the projects of development of Uzynda field was discussed.

Memorandum of Understanding between the State Concern Turkmenneft and ARETI International Group that would be reliable foundation to expand cooperation at the Caspian coast was signed.

The X Gas Congress of Turkmenistan would be a platform for representatives of both organizations to held detailed negotiations and discuss the prospects for mutually beneficial partnership.


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