British Petroleum hopes to expand its presence in the Caspian region

“We look forward to further strengthening and expanding our presence in the Caspian region,” said Jim Platt, business development manager in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, at the 7th session of the Turkmenistan-UK Trade and Industry Council held in Ashgabat.

– British Petrolium is the largest player in the global energy business, and we operate on six continents, that is, around the world. We have a very diversified investment portfolio, and are confident that we need to work both in the upstream sector (exploration, production and primary preparation of hydrocarbons), and in the downstream sector (processing of hydrocarbons and marketing its final products).

At the same time, Jim Platt noted the need to work with the tasks that the world now faces in providing the world’s population with fuel and energy – reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere:

– We are confident that natural gas is a leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It also holds a leading position in addressing issues related to methane safety, in which British Petrolium achieved significant success thanks to its initiatives. Currently, this is the direction in which the global industry is developing, which has a very positive effect on the climate.

One of the main strengths of BP, is the effective work with partners:

– Due to the fact that geological folds, as a rule, are not within the boundaries of one particular country, we are looking for opportunities to work with neighboring countries to develop cross-border projects, which we succeeded in quite well.
Jim Platt also identified the key success factors that the company was able to achieve in the Caspian region:

“All this would have been impossible without constant support and interaction with our partners and governments within the Southern Gas Corridor.”

– We believe that interaction with host parties is a really win-win situation for both British Petrolium and the countries involved in such cooperation. And we look forward to further strengthening and expanding our presence in the Caspian region,” Jim Platt said.


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