In 2019, Turkmenistan increased its polypropylene production by 22%

The outcomes of work of the facilities of fuel and energy complex of Turkmenistan for the period of January-April 2019 are summed up. The plan for production of natural and associated gas has been fulfilled by 103.9 percent, for oil refining – by more than 105 percent, gasoline production – by 110.5 percent, diesel fuel – by 105.3 percent, polypropylene – by 122.3 percent, and liquefied gas by 112.6 percent.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Myratgeldi Meredov who supervising the country’s oil and gas complex, reported these figures at regular video conference working session of the Cabinet of Ministers held by President Berdimuhamedov on Thursday, May 2.

The head of state pointed out the reserves available in oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan that not yet involved and the development of hydrocarbon deposits of Northern Goturdepe, Uzynada, Altynkui and other fields that would allow realizing the potential of the sphere.

Berdimuhamedov assigned the Deputy Chairman to find new approaches in managing this strategic industry, its diversification and creation of innovative industries.


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