Petronas is a platinum partner of the Gas Congress of Turkmenistan

The 10th International Gas Congress of Turkmenistan will take place on May 21-22 in Avaza.

The Forum, organized by the Turkmengas State Concern together with the Turkmen Forum, will bring together leading international experts and influential players in the gas market to discuss the future of the industry.

The key topics of the forum will be trends in the gas-chemical sector, the implementation of the TAPI gas pipeline project, as well as the study of new conditions for investing and running the oil and gas business.

One of the main partners of the congress is Petronas, the largest oil and gas producing company operating in Turkmenistan.

Petronas, founded in 1974, is a joint Malaysian oil and gas company that operates in more than 80 countries around the world. The company has been operating in Turkmenistan since 1996, and since then the volume of its investments in the gas industry of the country amounted to about 11 billion dollars.

– The stability of the government policy of Turkmenistan, ensured by the head of state, is of interest to large investors. The country’s president initiated a good economic program, of which we can become a part,” said Datuk Mohd Anuar Bin Taib, vice-president and chief executive officer of Petronas.

The company began its activities in the sector of extraction and processing of hydrocarbons in Turkmenistan more than two decades ago. It began to produce crude oil in 2009 at the Diyarbekir field, and natural gas in 2011 at the Makhtumkuli field.

The company also attaches great importance to the development of labor resources. 640 employees of the Petronas representative office in Turkmenistan are local residents. They regularly undergo intensive technical and practical training in Malaysia, as well as improve their management skills.

Petronas supports staff development for the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan through a sponsorship education program. In 2013, between the International University of Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan and one of the highest-rated higher educational institutions of Malaysia, the University of Technology PETRONAS signed a Memorandum on mutual understanding and cooperation, which aims to create a favorable basis for the exchange of experience in educational and research activities in the oil and gas industry.

In addition to Petronas, representatives of international organizations and institutes, leaders and specialists of leading gas industry companies, such as Hyundai Engineering, Kawasaki, Shell, Gaffney, Cline and Associates, NAPECO, Vitol CNPC, Dragon Oil and others will take part in the Gas Congress.


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